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Insect Screening...

Technical Details:

Description :

Plastical Coated Fiberglas

Weight (gr/m2) :

125 gr %35 Fiber glass %65 Plastic

Thickness :

0.28 mm

Density :

16 x 18

Clearness :


Resistants to Heat :

-36 C, + 125 C

Color :


Roll Package :

30 m Standart

Wideness :

 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 240

Package :

6 fold and 10 fold packs


ending the cost of stock !..

Cutting is made in the intended width and length.


Product Specifications:

Our insect Screening is in very high quality because it is made from twisted yarn and

it is coated before weaving which gives resistant to tore.

Fiber glass is not affected from heat like aliminium and plastic.

It can prolonge only %2.

Products on the market are not made with twisted yarns and they are coated after weaving.

This cause cuting itself.

Therefore they are not in good quality and they can easily be tored.

Finally poor quality coated material cause less lifetime of the mosquito netting.


180cm x 30m 160cm x 30m 140cm x 30m 120cm x 30m 100cm x 30m 80cm x 30m